Dian Parkinson Bio, Facts About The Price Is Right Presenter

Dian Parkinson Bio, Facts About The Price Is Right Presenter

It is possible that when Dian Parkinson was born, no one who saw her then and while she was growing up will believe that she would dare to model the way she did. This is because as a young girl she grew up under strict religious rules and was dominated here by her parents. However, under all the oppression her modeling dreams suffered, there was a force that drove her to the peak of her career at just the right time.

Dian in her heyday was many things and successful in all of them. She was multiple masters of pomp, model, actress, and TV game show hosts for – The Price Is Right. Her career as a presenter is one of the longest a model has had to date. However, there came a time when she left the show, and that raised many questions. Answers and more can be found below.

Dian Parkinson – Bio

Dian Parkinson was born on November 30, 1944, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to a military family. She was raised by her parents under strict religious guidelines, but instead of this rubbing off on her, it disappeared faster than anyone expected, as she soon took up modeling.

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In 1965, while living in Falls Church, Virginia, Dian Parkinson fought for the title in the Miss District of Columbia USA, which she won. This automatically qualified her to represent the district in the Miss USA pageant, which was held that same year. Dian ended up fourth runner-up. She entered and won the Miss World USA pageant, which led her to the Miss World pageant. In the global arena, the Belle from Jacksonville, North Carolina, came out as the first runner-up ahead of Lesley Langley from the UK.

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After proving herself on both the small and the big stage, Dian Parkinson deserved the astronomical growth that her modeling career experience in the years that followed. She traveled with the “Bob Hope USO Show” in 1965 and served as Queen of the “Bob Hope Desert Classic” golf tournament in 1965, in addition to her appearances in Vietnam in December of the same year.

In 1975 she was a guest star on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and three years later she made her first television appearance in the pilot of the television series Vega$. In the series, she played Charlene, who shows the love interest of a certain Dan.

Between 1975 and 1993 Dian Parkinson became much more famous. She started working as a model in Barker’s television series The Price Is Right, which was called Barker’s Beauty. She was the host of this game show for 18 years before she died. However, the reason she initially gave for her departure later turned out to be not the real reason for her departure.

When she left the exhibition in 1993, her supposed reason was to pursue other interests in life. The following year, however, she filed a sexual harassment suit against the show’s host, Bob Barker (Robert William Barker). In the lawsuit, Dian claimed that there had been a three-year relationship between her and Bob, but was blackmailed with the threat to fire her from the show. She added that this led to a miscarriage at the time. However, as interesting as this case seemed, it was dropped the following year by Dian Parkinson, who claimed that his prosecution was too costly and that he had already begun to affect her health.

Dian Parkinson – Bio, Facts About The Price Is Right Presenter
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Facts About The Price Is Right Presenter

Dian Parkinson Salary and Net Worth

In her heyday in the 90s, Dian Parkinson was one of the highest-paid models at the time. She earned up to 55,000 dollars annually. Adding this to the income she received for her various brand advertisements, her net worth grew to about $1 million.

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Playboy Model

Parkinson first appeared in 1991 as a Playboy model in the December issue of Playboy as a 46-year-old, breathtakingly beautiful woman. Two years later, in the May 1993 issue, she again graced the front page of the magazine and showed it all for all to see. The issue was entitled “Dian Parkinson: an erotic encore”. She then appeared in a kiosk publication entitled “Playboy presents Dian Parkinson” and starred in a celebrity centerfold video.

Relationships and Marriage

Dian Parkinson is a woman least known for her married life. However, there are some records that report that she was once married to a certain man named Robert C. Gardner in 2000. Apart from him, the model is said to have had relationships at various times with the American photographer Bert Stern and the host of The Price is Right, Bob Barker.

Body Measurements

The blonde bombshell has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 56 kg. Her body measures 36-23-37 inches, with her chest, hips, and waist being her chest, hips, and waist respectively.