Denise Nicholas Bio, Sister, Parents, Family, Quick Facts

Denise Nicholas Bio, Sister, Parents, Family, Quick Facts

Denise Nicholas is an American actress and civil rights, activist. She began her acting career in 1968 with an episode of It Takes a Thief. After acting in Room 222 from 1968-1974, she was one of the actresses in NBC/CBS’ In The Heat Of The Night, where she played the role of Harriet DeLong. She was actually the person who wrote the six episodes of the series. Denise Nicholas also dared to write after her involvement in television shows.

To improve her writing skills, she attended a professional writing program at the University of California. Finally, she gained access to the Journeymen’s Writing Workshop under the guidance of the author Janet Fitch. Denise was fortunate to have worked with Fitch for five years. The sexy diva also attended the Squaw Valley Writers’ Community Writing Workshop and Natalie Goldberg’s workshop in Taos, Mexico.

Denise Nicholas – Bio

Denise Nicholas was born on July 12, 1944, in Detroit, Michigan. When she was 16 years old, she appeared on the cover of Jet magazine as a prospective teacher at the National High School Institute of North Western University. In 1961 she graduated from high school in Milan.

Denise Nicholas – Bio, Sister, Parents, Family, Quick Facts
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Denise Nicholas enrolled at the University of Michigan as a law student. During her schooling in Michigan, she changed her major to Latin American politics, English and Spanish. She later left the University of Michigan and went to Tulane University, where she focused on the fine arts. Apparently, Denise Nicholas made her debut in a Spanish language play performed by her language class. She left college in time to join the Free Southern Theatre (FST) during the civil rights movement.

After a few exhausting years touring the Deep South with the FST, Nicholas finally embarked on a trip to New York and was named one of the members of the Negro Ensemble Company, which performed throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. Nicholas was hired for the role of Liz McIntyre, the consultant for the popular ABC series Room 222. The screen goddess received her Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the University of Southern California.

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Her Novel – Freshwater Road

The novel Freshwater Road happens to be her most important publication at Agate Publishing in August 2005 and was awarded an asterisk in Publishers Weekly and nominated by The Detroit Free Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Post, Newsday, and The Chicago Tribune as one of the best books of 2005. The novel received an award from Zora Neal Hurston/Richard Wright for her 2006 novel debut. Freshwater Road was later reprinted by Pocket Books. Nicholas was also commissioned by Brown University to write a screenplay for a staged adaptation of the novel, which was to be presented in May 2008.

Family, Parents, Sister

She spent her childhood days in Michigan. Due to her mother’s remarriage to Robert Burgen, she moved to Milan, Michigan, a small metropolis in Ann Arbor. Denise happens to be the second child of three children of her parents. She has an older brother, Otto, and a younger sister, Michelle, who is late.

Denise Nicholas Marital Life

Denise Nicholas – Bio, Sister, Parents, Family, Quick Facts
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In the 1970s Denise tied the knot with Bill Withers, a renowned soul singer, and songwriter. The lovebirds divorced. After their divorce, she married Jim Hill, a former football player, and CBS sports chorus man. The couple divorced in 1984.

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Quick Facts About Denise Nicholas –Height, Net Worth

  • The astute Nicholas won the Image Awards in the category of Outstanding Film Actress.
  • In 1972 she received a nomination from the Golden Globe in the category Best Television Actress in Drama.
  • Denise Nicholas has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Through hard work and determination, she has managed to earn this enormous sum from her acting career.
  • Denise Nicholas has an amazing height of about 5 ft 6 in. Her beauty and height were an added bonus for this beautiful actress.
  • The spirited actress is a frequent user of various social media platforms. She is available on Twitter and Instagram. Denise Nicholas has been able to use social media to her advantage and gain more fame for herself. Through her Instagram and Twitter accounts she has been able to post pictures of herself for her fans to see.