David Hewlett Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Family, Quick Facts

David Hewlett Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Family, Quick Facts

David Hewlett is a popular television personality who is famous for his extraordinary acting career and brilliant performances in several films and television series. Besides acting, he also earns money as an author, film director, and dubbing artist.

Born as David Lan Hewlett, this super talent has many years of acting experience, having worked in the film industry since 1984. His career breakthrough and meteoric rise to fame came after he appeared as a guest on the Canadian-American science fiction television show Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe.

His role as “Dr. Rodney Mckay” on the above-mentioned television shows earned him an overwhelming admiration for his creativity, popularity, and other acting performances in Hollywood.

His numerous television series and films include Shining Time Station (1993), Traders (a Canadian television series aired from 1996-2000), Cube (a Canadian psychological horror movie from 1997), Pin (a horror movie from 1988), Scanners II: The New Order (a science fiction movie from 1991) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011).

David Hewlett Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Family, Quick Facts
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The acting career of actor David Hewlett spans more than thirty years, and the trend is upwards. His name may not be as popular as that of most Hollywood powerhouses, but he is certainly a household name and the favorite of most Americans.

In social media, he is connected with a large number of people and has over 104 thousand followers on his Twitter account and over 13 thousand fans on his Facebook account.

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David Hewlett Biography

His parents welcomed him to Redhill, a town in the Reigate and Banstead district of Surrey, England, on April 18, 1968. However, his family moved to Canada when he was four years old.

Shortly after their arrival in Toronto, David was enrolled in a high school in the city, where he first explored the possibility of acting. He subsequently starred in a number of films at his school and exceeded his own expectations.

The British-born Canadian star later dropped out of school in his senior year after discovering that he was destined to become an actor and computer expert.

David Hewlett Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Family, Quick Facts
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David’s love of computers dates back to his teenage years in Toronto, where he glued himself to the machine for hours as a teenager. Back then, he pursued such an obsessive interest in the machine that he declared himself a computer freak.

After he dropped out of school to dedicate himself to acting and computers, Hewlett founded a web development company called “Darkly Media”. He also founded an internet community called ‘Fusefilm.com’ for filmmakers.

His Family – Wife, Children

Over the years, David Hewlett has enjoyed a flourishing and harmonious acting career, but the same cannot be said about his marriage as he tied the knot twice.

In 2000 he married the Canadian actress Soo Garay for the first time. The two lovers were legally divorced shortly after they had lived together as man and wife for four years. Not long after, David found love again, but this time in the arms of Jane Loughman, to whom he was later married in 2008.

While David’s marriage to Soo (also known as Sue) did not bear a child, he shares a son with Jane Loughman (Sebastian Flynn Loughman Hewlett).

At the moment we can’t really say what his wife and son are up to. But we believe that they are making great progress in their respective fields of interest.

David Hewlett Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Family, Quick Facts
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Net Worth

Considering Hewlett’s incredible and flawless career, there is no doubt that he has made a huge fortune in Hollywood as an actor, dubbing artist, and director. It is believed that he also makes extra money as a writer and computer expert.

According to major websites, the Canadian actor has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Quick Facts about David Hewlett

  • Shining Time Station actor Hewlett is a parent sponsor of a PC/Tech club for children interested in 3D printing and programming.
  • He is the only brother of your favorite Canadian movie actress, Katherine Emily Hewlett.
  • David Hewlett has starred in more than 85 films; he has been in the film industry for more than three decades.
  • He is an avid science fiction fan.
  • He is the mastermind behind Debug, a Canadian science fiction horror movie from 2014, starring Adrian Holmes, Adam Butcher, Kjartan Hewitt, Sidney Leeder, and Jadyn Wong as computer programmers.
  • A-Lister is quite big. Its size is indicated as 5 feet and 9.5 inches.