Danny DeVito’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements
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He made us laugh in ‘Twins’, drove us a little crazy in ‘Matilda’, and reminded us why we love him so much in the TV series ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’. Danny DeVito is one of those actors that makes you smile, whether he’s acting as the funny little guy or the loudmouthed and mean.

Do you know what would be really interesting? It would be a lot of fun to check the actor’s statistics, especially since they defined his roles so much. There’s nothing…

Danny DeVito’s Height

Anyone can see from a mile away that the actor on the high side is missing a few things, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in acting skills. Danny DeVito is of Italian descent, he has brown eyes, and what is left of his hair used to be brown (now it is mostly white, age catches up with the best of us).

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Danny DeVito’s size is a certain mystery, the question of whether he is a dwarf or just a really small man has been the subject of speculation more than once. His size is given as 5 feet 0 inches, but there are many who would say he is “puffed up”.

If he is indeed 5 foot 0 inches tall, that would mean that celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere, Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow Danny DeVito share his height. It would also mean that Kevin Hart, who we all know as a pretty little guy, is at least four inches taller than him. So where were we when we were claiming he was a dwarf again?

These days, the “little guy” doesn’t have the same limited roles that he used to have. Danny has a thing or two to say about the roles he was “best suited for” in Hollywood. On a really good day, I’m five feet tall. It’s pretty difficult for me to play anything but the little guy. I don’t play a good victim, so I’m always the mean little guy.

People would agree that he plays his roles well, but they’re obviously not on the same page when it comes to Danny DeVito’s size. Even his co-star in ‘Twins’ described him as 4 feet 9 inches tall, then again his co-star was Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we don’t believe anything he says has anything to do with height.

So Danny finally decided in 2011 to give the exact details, he said he was 6’2″ and three-quarters tall. We believe you, Danny.

Danny Devito’s Weight

Danny DeVito’s weight also plays a big part in the kind of roles he gets, and who he is in Hollywood as a whole doesn’t let us start with what it has done for his entertainment value. So it’s very likely that the star doesn’t feel a shred of remorse about being slightly overweight. It works for him, and Danny himself says he has an appetite.

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It is quite obvious that the actor is not the gym’s best friend, his physique alone is proof of this. The actor weighs 88 kg, and he leads a good life, so it doesn’t really get him down. It did when he was a younger man, but now he mostly just giggles about his body shape.

To try, Danny tries to develop a regimented eating habit. I depend on a man who relies on his eating habits,” he explained in online networking, adding that he wants to consume calories with lager and vodka as if to deny what he just said.

Either way, his weight is working for him and he is healthy as far as we know.

Danny DeVito’s Measurements

We tried it with people, but we couldn’t get all the body measurements of the actors, but we didn’t come back empty-handed because that’s not our way. We present to you the shoe size of Danny DeVito.

The actor wears a US shoe size 9, a European size 42 and a British size 8.5, not bad at all Danny, we take back the part that he is a dwarf.