Danger Dolan Biography: 7 Key Facts To Know About the Australian Youtuber

Danger Dolan Biography: 7 Key Facts To Know About the Australian Youtuber

When you come into contact with Danger Dolan, you will know that there is a clear difference between those who know how to run YouTube channels with a strong passion and those who do it just for fun.

Living in the 21st century is not only witnessing all the drastic technological and cultural changes that are taking place but taking full advantage of these changes to shape our future positively. That is the thing about DD, he uses this technological progress not only for his own pleasure but also to enrich his financial position by bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Anyone can start a video channel on YouTube and publish regular updates that are both informative and entertaining, but with over 1.4 billion viewers on his YouTube channels, DD, TheDDGuides or DDTop20, Danger Dolan has proven that he is truly business-minded. Let’s take a look at some key facts about the Australian Vlogger.

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Danger Dolan Biography

Danger Dolan is an Australian YouTube wizard who was born on March 20, 1986, as Daniel James Johnson. Unfortunately, he has not been generous enough to reveal information about his parents, but it seems he has brothers, one of whom is Zaraganba, who usually helps him manage his YouTube channels. His birth sign is Pisces.

Facts To Know About the Australian Youtuber

1. How he rose to fame

Dolan joined the YouTube channel on February 28, 2014, and his rise to fame began the same year when he released a video about the “20 Greatest Animals of All Time” that included details about the giant animals. Today, the YouTube video has over thirteen thousand hits with over forty-three thousand like-minded people from around the world. Among the animals mentioned in the video are Macroptychaster Sea Stars, the giant African land snail, which is about 18 centimeters, and 9 centimeters wide, the capybara, the Japanese spider crab, and the Argentinosaurus.

2. Dolan’s Youtube channels

On February 27, 2015, the young YouTuber founded and launched a company named after his YouTube channel Planet Dolan PTY LTD, which includes goods such as footwear, headwear such as hats and caps, T-shirts, designer clothing, skirts, suits, pants, shirts, dresses, underwear, masked costumes, jackets, blazers, loungewear, and outerwear.

He also created two new subchannels called Danger Dolan Games and Danger Dolan Movies. While the former, also known as TheDDGuides, focused on game-related videos such as game theories, game secrets, addictions, and more, the latter focused on film-related stuff. The subchannel also shows some small music videos that are usually uploaded from time to time.

Danger Dolan Biography: 7 Key Facts To Know About the Australian Youtuber
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3. Planet Dolan subscriber milestones

DD’s Planet Dolan received its first 1 million subscribers on 17 August 2014, and by June 2015 it had over 3 million subscribers. By March 2018, the YouTube channel had over 5.6 million subscribers and 400 new subscribers were added daily.

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4. Danger Dolan video earnings and net worth 

YouTubers like Dolan usually get between $2 – $5 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube has taken its percentage. The monetized views range from 40% – 60% of total views, depending on a number of important factors such as the viewer’s location, the number of ads on the video, and ad placement, among others.

The Planet Dolan channel is all about countdown videos and factual videos on a variety of materials. On average, the videos are viewed about 700,000 times a day. This could indicate about $1,300 per day in revenue and $480,000 per year in advertising. The total net worth of the young YouTuber is estimated at $2.3 million.

5. Actor Javier Bardem was featured in one of DD’s videos

Actor Javier Bardem, an Oscar-winning Spanish actor, was once featured in DD’s “15 Things You Didn’t Know about Skyfall”. The actor is famous for his roles in movies like No Country for Old Men, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Before Night Falls and Eat Pray Love.

6. Danger Dolan is married to Golden_Gooby 

The YouTube star married his partner Golden_Gooby in March 2017. Golden_Gooby or Gooby is another voice actor in his company. She first appeared in DD’s crazy theory video for Question: Can love be explained scientifically? Her wedding ceremony was announced on the team’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

7. DD is among the most Famous of his Kinds

Danger Dolan is on the list of famous young YouTube stars and is one of the top celebrities of his age.