Colette Butler (Shay Carl’s Wife) Bio And All You Need To Know About Her

Colette Butler (Shay Carl’s Wife) Bio And All You Need To Know About Her

Colette Butler may not look it, but she is a mother of five who is currently making waves as a Super YouTuber and social media sensation. In recent years, Colette, best known as the wife of the respected YouTuber Shay Carl, has done enough to make a name for herself as one of the Internet celebrities to watch out for in the years ahead.

Undoubtedly, the adorable mother still has many achievements ahead of her, and she seems very much interested in conquering the Internet world in the near future. As she has been a public face for some time now, it will not be inappropriate to tell you about this special woman who, together with her beautiful family, is gaining more and more ground on the Internet.

Colette Butler Bio

The super talented internet star is the daughter of Coleen and Vince Crofts. She was born on June 29, 1982, in California, in the United States of America. Butler, whose nationality and ethnicity are American and North American respectively, grew up in California with her four siblings Adam, Callie, Sadie, and Candance Crofts.

Colette Butler (Shay Carl’s Wife) Bio And All You Need To Know About Her
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The social media sensation reportedly has a stepmother named Peggy and several stepbrothers and brothers who are from her stepmother’s previous relationship. The father of Peggy and Colette was married after their birth mother (Coleen) died of breast cancer when Colette was eleven years old. At the time of her father’s marriage to Peggy, Peggy had six children of her own.

Information about Butler’s early life and his educational background is currently missing on the map. Remember that she was not a popular face in the business before her marriage. She only became a celebrity after she was married to her YouTube sensation husband, who was already an accomplished Internet celebrity.

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All You Need To Know About Her

1. Colette’s body measurements

The adorable mother of five is blessed with an anti-aging body that shines tirelessly year after year. Colette Butler’s height is estimated at 5 feet 2 inches, while her other heights are not known to the public. Nevertheless, the charming YouTuber shows brown hair and a pair of brown eyes.

2. Family Business

Colette’s family is best known as YouTube’s First Family or the Shaytards – a title they have earned because of their strong presence and roles on the Internet. Shay and his wife usually record and share basic information about their individual lives and daily activities online, including those of their children.

Butler’s first child, Gavin, is already an Internet star and a YouTube personality. Their fourth child, Brock, is best known as the first Truman baby on the Internet, as his parents documented his life from birth. The family’s third child is also not neglected. She is also a superstar in her own right, as she once appeared on the cover of James Blunt’s album Some Kind of Trouble.

The Shay-Carl empire also boasts a young and talented singer named Avia. She is Colette’s second child who has a song called Avia: Forever Love in her name. She released the song on June 12, 2014, and Shay Carl and his family have taken it to popular shows, including those of Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper.

3. Her Family

Colette Butler (Shay Carl’s Wife) Bio And All You Need To Know About Her
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Butler is the wife of Shay Carl, a well-known American author, YouTube personality, and vlogger. The couple married in January 2003 and their union was blessed with five lovely children who are also part of the family’s YouTube business. Colette’s first child, Gavin Butler Shaycarl, was born on December 3, 2003, in Idaho, in the United States of America. His siblings are Avia Butler Shaycarl, Emmi Butler Shaycarl, Brock Butler Shaycarl, and Daxton Butler Shaycarl.

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4. Large Following on Social Media

Colette Butler owes the immense popularity she enjoys today to her family YouTube channel – Shaytards. She actually started with a few videos, but later gained fame as her videos kept flooding in.

Today Shaytards has more than 4.9 million subscribers, while her YouTube channel has more than 871,000 subscribers. Her activity on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has also brought her an impressive number of fans. Her Twitter account has 467,000 followers, while the number of her fans on Instagram is estimated at around 832,000. There are strong indications that her influence on personality in social media will put her at the top of social media in the near future.

5Sun Sign

Her sun sign is cancer.