Alexi Ashe Bio, Age, Family, Quick Facts about her Relationship with Seth Meyers
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You probably know her as Alexi Ashe Meyers, the wife of the popular comedian and TV presenter Seth Meyers, but before she became the wife of the popular comedian, she had already built a career of her own.

Seth Meyers is the host of the NBC night talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers. He first came into the spotlight as the Emmy-winning lead author of Saturday Night Live and later as the host of Weekend Update. Unlike her comedian husband Seth, who lives for the spotlight, Alexi Ashe doesn’t want to attract all the attention.

She is a human rights lawyer and has always been passionate about issues that affect women. Her job includes providing legal assistance to victims of abuse from different parts of the world.

Alexi Ashe Bio, Age, Family, Quick Facts about her Relationship with Seth Meyers
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Alexi Ashe Bio, Age

Alexi Ashe was born in 1983 in New Mexico, United States of America. Her parents are Tom and Joan Ashe. She grew up together with her sisters Tom and Joan Ashe. There is no information about her early upbringing. Alexi Ashe completed her higher education at Occidental College and Southwestern University School of Law.

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As a lawyer, Ashe has always had a passion for protecting human rights. During her law studies, she worked as a trainee lawyer at Human Rights First and researched protection protocols for victims of abuse and refugees.

After graduation, she worked in the Department of Family and Crime Prevention and Youth Protection at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. She then joined the District Attorney’s Office of King’s County in Brooklyn as an Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Special Victims and Human Trafficking Bureau.

Alexi Ashe Bio, Age, Family, Quick Facts about her Relationship with Seth Meyers
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She is also an associate of the law firm Sanctuary for Families, a New York-based non-profit organization that serves the needs of victims of all forms of abuse. She provides pro bono services to victims of human trafficking and domestic violence around the world. She is also co-chair of the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition. Apparently, she is destined for greater heights, and the future looks very bright for her in her noble career.


Since they got married in 2013, Alexi and Seth Meyers have had a blissful relationship. Ironically, the couple whose wedding ceremony they met is no longer together. Yet the Meyers have kept the fire of their marriage burning over the years.

The couple has a child together and is expecting another child in 2018. They welcomed their first son Ashe Olsen Meyers on 27 March 2016.

Alexi Ashe Bio, Age, Family, Quick Facts about her Relationship with Seth Meyers
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Seth Meyers announced that they expect their second child in the Thanksgiving episode of Late Night in November 2017. The expectant father was so excited by the news that he brought his parents and brother on the show that day.

Quick Facts about her Relationship with Seth Meyers

Alexi Ashe is married to Seth Meyers since 2013.

The two met in 2008 at the wedding of Seth Meyers colleague on Saturday Night Live. Alexi attended as a guest of her sister who is the set designer for Saturday Night Live.

According to Meyers, it was love at first sight. He had fought for so many years to find the “right one” and immediately he met Alexi at this wedding, he knew that she was the right one.

After a five-year courtship, they tied the bond of marriage in a star-studded ceremony on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, on September 1st, 2013.

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Unfortunately, Alexi suffered food poisoning from a bad oyster during the rehearsal dinner and had to be taken to the hospital quickly. The brave bride left the council of the nurse on duty to cancel the wedding and courageously walked down the aisle to the altar in her beautiful dress made in the Carolina Herrera tradition. A rather rough start to what has become a beautiful union.

The iconic country musician Brad Paisley was present at the wedding and sang for the couple’s first dance.

Alexi Ashe named her first child “Ashe Meyer” to make sure that it carries the names of both his parents’ families. What a brilliant compromise!

Although they both have very busy careers, Alexi and Seth Meyers always take time for each other so that their marriage didn’t have to suffer.