Adalia Rose Bio, Is She Dead or Alive? Here Are The Facts

Adalia Rose Bio, Is She Dead or Alive? Here Are The Facts

Adalia Rose is an American Internet sensation who was born with a premature aging disease called Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), commonly known as Progeria.

Since Rose left her early infancy, she has been left with a body much older than her normal age, but the beautiful soul looks happy every time you see her at social gatherings and events.

She is everyone’s favorite and boasts an impressive number of followers on YouTube, where she shares her videos with her fans. Rose suffers from progeria, and most people who have crossed her path testify that she has a special place in the hearts of many progeria activists and others.

Although she suffers from such a rare syndrome, she lives a normal life like any other child. In fact, she has over 970,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, which shows that she is a celebrity in her own right.

Since the discovery of progeria in 1886, about 140 people worldwide have been diagnosed with it. In most cases, some of these sufferers live and die quietly, with no inheritance or anyone to talk about them.

In this article, you will learn more about one of the progeria sufferers in the United States. Let’s get to know them.

Adalia Rose Biography

Adalia Rose is the daughter of Natalie Amozurrutia (mother) and Ryan Pallante (stepfather). She was born on December 10, 2006, in Round Rock, Texas, in the United States of America.

She is American with Spanish and Latin American nationality. Rose has a younger brother named Marcelo. She is not a student in an educational institution, as her condition requires constant help and attention.

Adalia Rose was born healthy, but after a few months, she began to show signs of premature aging. She became an Internet star in 2012 after her mother created a Facebook page for her to keep in touch with her friends and family.

Adalia Rose Bio, Is She Dead or Alive? Here Are The Facts
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Rose’s Facebook account contains many pictures and videos of her singing and dancing. Her most remarkable video is “Sunset Make-up Look on my mom”. Released on December 14, 2016, the viral video was viewed more than 17 million times. Another famous video of her is the one in which she sang the song “Ice Ice Ice” by Vanilla Ice. Although many people don’t really appreciate her performance in her videos, they usually draw an overwhelming number of respondents to her site.

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Is She Dead or Alive? 

If there’s one thing Adalia Rose’s parents have done successfully since she was born and still do, it’s protecting her from the forces of bullying and harassment. Since her public appearance, Rose has had her fair share of unwanted attention and victimization.

On several occasions, she has been the focus of heinous verbal abuse and harassment, with many saying she should have had an abortion. Although many people do not really like her with her dead, the beautiful soul is strong and alive.

As a victim of a death con sometime in 2012, some sick sites reported that she died, which led to the creation of many “RIP Adalia” sites. But after her mother came across the medical report, she immediately went to Facebook to refute the vile allegations.

Adalia Rose Bio, Is She Dead or Alive? Here Are The Facts
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Here Are The Facts of Adalia Rose’s Life

1. Rose is one of the most famous people on YouTube. She is known for spreading positive vibrations on the Internet and entertaining her fans.

2. She is currently followed by over 14 million Facebook users. Rose has received thousands of emails and hundreds of letters from her fans and loved ones, and this shows how much she is loved.

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3. In addition to singing and dancing, Adalia Rose loves to dress up.

4. Adalia Rose is bald and is sometimes confused with a boy.

5. At some point in July 2013, a Facebook page was launched with the title “Stop the aliens before it’s too late”. The page contained Photoshop-edited pictures of the American progeria patient who claims to be an alien and mocks her rare appearance.

6. Her YouTube channel, launched on 9 June 2012, is visited by more than 116 million people.

7. Details of her height, weight, and body measurements are not currently available.